Caribbean Islands have a rich and flavorful dishes. And Puerto Rico is one of the best places for vacation. The island offers a superb relaxation adventures with soothing beach, comfortable and luxurious hotels, colorful festivals, and most especially the mouth-watering cuisines of Puerto Rico.

Yes, part of the few reasons as to why people visited the place, it is because of food. Puerto Rican recipes provide a different style and flavor.These cuisines become famous not in only within the Caribbean island but also globally. Chefs are interested to learn traditional dishes because of its extraordinary taste. Puerto Rican traditional dishes are the following:

1. Asopao is one of the famous traditional Puerto Rican dish. It is usually eaten along with rice chicken, pork, beef, seafood, and vegetables.

2. Arróz con Pollo (rice with chicken and chicken rice soups)a traditional recipes that uses olive oil, rather than achiote, or annatto seed oil.

3. Arroz con Habichuelas (rice & beans) usually consists of white rice accompanied by dry beans, and can be served as a side dish with meat or by itself.

4. Lechón asado or whole roasted pig, is a popular dish for large gatherings. From the word “roasted”, this dish is roasted with a coated red liquid which is applied on the pig body to add color. This is usually served during weddings, holiday seasons and other special family events.

5. Chuletas (pork chops) are juicy pork chops that can be grilled or deep-fried.

Mofongo (mashed plantains) is a type of food that can be usually served as a side dish accompanied with beans and rice.

6. Chillo (red snapper) is a fried fish dish which is seasoned with herbs and spices. It becomes one of the tastiest and most popular foods on the island.

7. Arroz con Gandules is the Puerto Rico’s nationa dish. It is a rice with pigeon peas with an additional flavor of garlic and green onions.

8. Bacalaítos Fritos (deep-fried salt-codfish fritters) act as anappetizer in Puerto Rican recipes which are very popular all throughout the island of Puerto Rico.

9. Alcapurrias (banana and taro root croquettes stuffed with meat) are scrumptious typical snacks.

10. Chuchifritos are essentially fried pork skins, one of the popular quick snacks on the island. It is regarded as the “soul food” of Puerto Rico.

Of course, in order to complete the nutritious cycle of eating a healthy lifestyle. Dessert is added on every Puerto Rican meal. Most of their desserts are in a form of custard (sweet potato balls with coconut, cloves and cinnamon. Considering the tropical climates, the island has an abundant local fruits. With this, local residents and chefs create a dessert using tropical fruits such as banana cupcakes, fruit cocktails, coconut flan, guava jellies, candied coconut rice, and others. But the most famous traditional desserts in Puerto Rico are:

1. Guave jelly with Queso Blanco (white cheese).

2. Flan (custard)

3. Budín de Pan (bread pudding)

4. Bienmesabe

5. Brazo Gitano

6. Buñuelos de viento

7. Barriguitas de Vieja

8. Natilla

9. Tembleque (coconut pudding)

10. Bizcocho de Ron (rum cake)

11. Mantecaditos

12. Turrón de Ajónjolí

13. Tarta de Guayaba (Guava Tart)

14. Tortitas de Calabaza (Pumpkin Tart)

If you want to visit the island, foods are indeed invigorating. Having such recipes reflects only Puerto Rican’s creativity and culture.


Source by Myla Johnson