Desserts in Puerto Rico mostly comprise of a type of flan or egg custard. Just as usual in the Puerto Rican flag is a slice of guava jelly with white cheese (queso blanco). Chefs seize the abundant produce of fruits in Puerto Rico and make several desserts, which include banana flan, orange layer cake, guava mousse, and coconut flan. The tastiest dessert could be a freshly made fruit cocktail. Pumpkin grows abundantly in Puerto Rico so it is not just consumed as a side vegetable and used to spice up soup, but to create as well the luscious base of a popular cake in Puerto Rico. In the same way, sweet potato is both being consumed as a side vegetable and used to make a local sweet potato cake.

The most generally used ingredient in a Puerto Rican dessert is almost certainly coconut. A lot of scrumptious sweets are concocted with coconut milk or what they call leche de coco, such as coconut cake, coconut and rum flan, coconut rice and coconut ice cream. One more traditional product is boudin de pasas con coco or coco bread pudding.

Jams and jellies are quite popular in Puerto Rico. Helping in a number of creations are both the sweet and sour guavas, including guava jelly, guava paste, guava pudding and guava shells in syrup. Papayas are also created as jams or desserts with cinnamon, vanilla extract and sugar. A mango dessert is prepared with almost identical ingredients. Mangoes could be an additive for mamey preserve or could be eaten uncooked.


Source by Pollux Parker