Here’s an update about the world famous act in Puerto Rico known as HR2499. There is a move to push the country Puerto Rico to become the 51st state in the United States. Known as “HR 2499? or the “Puerto Rico Democracy Act”, the bill is opposed by a lot of Puerto Ricans.

Puerto Rico is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands. Since 1970, HR 2499 has been opposed by Puerto Ricans three times already.

HR 2499 has both its pros and cons for both Americans and Puerto Ricans. For one, this Puerto Rico Democracy Act lets Puerto Ricans continue to enjoy their commonwealth status which allows them to enjoy the protection and freedoms and even financial benefits of the United States without paying federal income taxes.

However, there are also problems if this HR 2499 bill will be pushed through making Puerto Rico a full state of the US. The first is that of creating a bilingual country with the addition of an almost completely Spanish-speaking state. I mean how many people from Puerto Rico can really speak English?

Second is the problem of reassigning some seats in the U.S. House of Representatives to Puerto Ricans. This means that there will be some states who gets deprived of the seat because of the congressionally-mandated 435 seat cap.