Official Summary
4/29/2010–Passed House amended. Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010 – Authorizes the government of Puerto Rico:
(1) to conduct a plebiscite giving voters the option to vote to continue Puerto Rico’s present political status or to have a different political status;
(2) if a majority of ballots favor continuing the present status, to conduct additional such plebiscites every eight years; and
(3) if a majority of ballots favor having a different status, to conduct a plebiscite on the options of becoming fully independent from the United States, forming with the United States a political association between sovereign nations that will not be subject to the Territorial Clause of the Constitution, being admitted as a state of the Union, or continuing its present political status. Prescribes the eligibility requirements for voting in a plebiscite. Requires the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission to:
(1) certify plebiscite results to the President and Congress; and
(2) ensure that all ballots used for a plebiscite include the full content of the ballot printed in English. Directs the Commission to inform persons voting in a plebiscite that if Puerto Rico retains its current political status or is admitted as a state:
(1) the official language requirements of the federal government shall apply to Puerto Rico; and
(2) it is the best interest of the United States for the teaching of English to be promoted in Puerto Rico as the language of opportunity and empowerment in order to enable students in public schools to achieve English language proficiency. Requires the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to pay all costs associated with such plebiscite (including the costs of printing, distribution, transportation, collection, and counting of all ballots).
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