Myrta Silva (September 11, 1917December 2, 1987) was a Puerto Rican singer, composer and T.V. producer. She was known affectionately as “La Gorda De Oro”. Silva worked in a cabaret when she was “discovered” and offered a 10 year contract by “RCA”. In the late 1930s, she met the renowned Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernandez, who convinced her to join his “Cuarteto Victoria”. In 1941, Silva composed her first song “Cuando Vuelvas” (When you return) recorded by Ruth Fernandez. In 1942, she composed “En Mi Soledad” (In My Solitude), recorded by Daniel Santos, which became a hit in Latin-America and in the Latin communities in the United States. Silva had become an international singing star and was known as “The Queen of the Guarachera” by the her public in Latin-America. From 1947 to 1949, she became the lead singer in the legendary Cuban guaracha-group, the Sonora Matancera, while at the same time she continued to compose and to receive many recognitions for her work. Traveling throughout Latin America with the group, Silva acquired many acclaims due to her performances.