Rosie Perez  35

Rosa Mari­a “Rosie Perez, born (September 6, 1964) and raised in Brooklyn, New York to Puerto Rican parents.  Pérez was born in Brooklyn,  in the neighborhood of Bushwick, to Puerto Rican parents. Her mother, Lydia Pérez (née Fontañez), a singer, was married to Arturo Pérez at the time of Rosie’s birth. However, Rosie’s biological father is Ismael Serrano, a merchant seaman with whom her mother had an affair. Much of her young life was spent in foster care.  She attended Grover Cleveland High School, which is located in Ridgewood, in the New York City borough of Queens, and Los Angeles City College in Los Angeles, California.


Rosie Perez was injured in 2009 while filming an episode of Law & Order SVU. Her neck was injured when she was forcibly shaken as part of a scene. She had herniated a disc in her neck and underwent surgery for the condition. A year after the accident, she appeared at the White House in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace for a meeting with President Obama.  In May 2011, Perez filed a lawsuit against the producers of the show, claiming that the injury she incurred was the result of being “recklessly pulled, grabbed, yanked, wrenched and manhandled” during filming.


It became apparent in October 2012 that Rosie Perez is a massive fan of the sport of boxing. She joined Twitter and almost immediately began tweeting about the fights. In the time since, she has become one of the more well-known celebrity boxing fans out there. In June 2013, Perez served as the grand marshal for the International Boxing Hall of Fame parade in Canastota, New York. According to an interview at boxing website, Perez received a call from IBHOF member Steve Farhood about partaking in the festivities.