WWE Hall of Fame: The reason that Carlos Colon was inducted this year

New WWE Hall of Fame inductee Carlos Colon was one of the biggest professional wrestling stars in Puerto Rico history. However, that might not be the reason that the WWE chose Carlos Colon in 2014 as PWInsider.com reported on March 20 that it might be part of a deal to help the WWE purchase the World Wrestling Council (WWC) video library.

The WWC video library is something that the WWE sees great value in as they prepare to move the WWE Network from the U.S. shores to abroad. They want to sell themselves to fans in all continents, and fans south of the border might see the addition of the popular WWC programming as a selling point when it comes to getting the WWE Network.

The WWC saw not only Carlos Colon as its biggest star but also names like Willie Urbina, Apolo, Ricky Banderas, as well as Colon’s sons Carlito and Priomo and his nephew Epico. Of course, Primo and Epico now wrestle in the WWE as Los Matadores while Carlito was one of the WWE’s biggest midcard stars for years.

Carlos Colon himself held the WWC title 26 times in his career, feuding with names like Hercules Ayala, Abdullah the Butcher and Ray Gonzalez over his career. He also had a stop in the WWE where he actually competed in the Royal Rumble one year.

Carlos Colon has admitted that he has considered selling the WWC footage and the idea is that the WWE will be who purchases the rights to use on the WWE Network.