City of Old San Juan

Puerto Rico is a great place to visit; it is full of history and sunshine and while there are those that come on vacation here every year learning more about the place, they never hear about the rather fun and quirky facts of Puerto Rico.

Did you know that Puerto Rico has more famous fast food restaurants than nearly any other place in the world per square mile? The only country that beats us is China; you name one of the world’s most famous fast food restaurants and we’re bound to have it, meaning that everyone’s tastes are catered for!

Those that like to take a look at the sentry boxes that are built into the El Morro and San Critobal fortresses may not know all about their history. These sentry boxes were nicknamed ‘La Garita del Dablio’ which means ‘The sentry box of the devil’ because it is reported that some of the Spanish soldiers that would guard the entrance to the harbor at night would simply vanish making people think something rather sinister was going on; when in actual fact the soldiers had merely been meeting local girls and decided to run off with them!

If you’re a bit of a science-fiction and alien fan then you may be intrigued to know that in Puerto Rico stands the only rain forest that ‘belongs’ to the United States, ‘El Yunque’ houses a secret military base in the forest and no-one is allowed in. Known as the ‘Area 51’ of the Caribbean this base is surrounded by armed guards that threaten to shoot those that venture too close. This part of the world is well-known for its UFO activity and it’s reported that some sort of reptilian-like creature known as the Chupacabrahas been spotted time and again in the forest that surrounds the base.

For something a little less scary and quite a bit more relaxing is the subject of rum; Puerto Rico is known as the rum capital of the world because it produces more than one hundred thousand tons of it every single year and San Juan is home to the world’s largest rum distillery. The rum is so good because each step in the rum making process is monitored and governed by law, ensuring that only the best rum is produced. You can have the pleasure of taking a tour around the factory and sampling the rum itself, lovely!

Enjoy your stay in this historical and rather unique part of the world; make sure you take a look at the Puerto Rico hotels that you think will suit your tastes and book a room as soon as you can.


Source by Sabih Javed