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New Bill (H.R. 2499) proposes letting Puerto Rico Vote on Statehood: U.S. may be adding a 51st state.

On Tuesday, Puerto Ricans voted on their preferred relationship with the United States. The largest share of voters elected to become a U.S. state.

In a two-part referendum that caused some confusion, some 54 percent of voters said they were dissatisfied with the relationship. The second question asked whether voters preferred becoming a U.S. state, an independent country, or a freely associated state (a type of independence in close alliance with the United States). Some 61 percent of those who answered voted for statehood on the second question, though more than 460,000 people intentionally voted blank.

Nevertheless, the recent ballot results have sparked real excitement in the community and it’s been reflected best in the 51-state American flags we’ve been seeing floating around on social media.

Adding another state to this country could change a few things, but most visibly it could potentially change the make up of our flag. Several possible mock-ups of what a new flag would look like have crossed our path in the last 24 hours and we thought we’d share what we’ve been seeing with you. Check out these five mock-ups below and let us know which one you like best in the comments.

Which of these flags would you like to see if Puerto Rico becomes our 51st state?