The History of Puerto Rico: From the Spanish Discovery to the American Occupation





The author of this volume was the first to give to the reader of English a record of Spanish rule in this ‘pearl of the Antilles.’ Mr. Van Middeldyk was the librarian of the Free Public Library of San Juan, an institution created under American civil control. He has had access to all data obtainable in the island, and has faithfully and conscientiously woven it into a connected narrative, thus giving the reader a view of the social and institutional life of the island for four hundred years.

“Puerto Rico has an interesting history. Its four centuries under Spanish control is a record of unusual and remarkable events. But this record has remained unknown to the American people. It has never been written satisfactorily even in the Spanish language. The author is the first to give English readers a record of Spanish rule in this ‘pearl of the Antilles.'” -The Dial

“He has portrayed the salient characteristics of the life of the island, described the acts of the reigning government and pointed out the evils of colonial rule, and the book enables the reader to form a fairly accurate idea of the past and present state of Puerto Rico.” -The Inland Printer

“Description of the four centuries of Spanish history as regards Puerto Rico.” -St. Louis Public Library Monthly Bulletin

“Worth reading by all who are interested in the development of the country.” -Philadelphia Inquirer

“This book is of much value not only as being the only history of Puerto Rico available, but for its intrinsic merits.” -Newark News

“It afford the American people a clearer insight into the past history, the present conditions, and the future needs of the island.” -Chicago Inter Ocean

“Besides the running account of the political, military and civil history, there are interesting chapters on the people and their institutions. The book ought to find many readers among those who desire to keep pace with the problems which confront our government in connection with the enlarged responsibilities assumed as a result of the Spanish-American war.” -The Standard

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