A Brief History of Puerto Rico





Puerto Rico is the oldest colony in the world and it is under the control of the United States of America, a nation that prides itself on its respect for human rights. Bills have already been presented in the United States Congress to resolve Puerto Rico’s colonial status. Three options are possible under international law: Independence, Free Association, or Statehood. Soon, the citizens of Puerto Rico and the United States will have to make a decision and will need to be well informed. That is the purpose of this book. I think the important factors in history are the events, not the leaders or the people. It is the events that form the character of a nation. In Puerto Rico: Spanish absolutism; the Lares Revolution; the Spanish-American War; the failed attempts of Americanization; the blatant exploitation of sugar cane plantations; the nationalist guerrilla; the accelerated industrialization; the demoralizing welfare; the rampant corruption of the pro-statehood administrations. All of these, and other similar experiences, have molded the Puerto Rican character. Some countries are laborious; other are inventive; other are greedy; other are perseverant; other are aggressive and other are docile. What is Puerto Rico? Read its history and find out. Are countries a reflection of its leaders; are leaders a reflection of their countries; or are we all the product of the events?
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